Square Bar Cross with Lap Joints


My name is Benjamin Albert Czyhold, Christian and working blacksmith. Though much of my early life I lived and worked with my mother, father, sister and brother on our family farm. My grand father and great grandfather also farmed, and knew a measure of the craft as befit their occupation. They then passed on what knowledge they had to my father, and when I took an interest in the skills of a blacksmith he taught me what he learned. I dabbled in the craft up until I received a vocational degree in welding and metal fabrication through my local community collage. In 2007 I started Artificer Forge. Shortly after I sought out teaching blacksmiths, and joined the North West Blacksmith Association. I have since had the honor of learning under 10 master blacksmiths over my time in the craft.

Name Stamp

Identifying My Work

Most any time there is an adequate flat surface I will apply my name stamp to the work. This is also known as a touch mark. It serves as my signature. The mark is stamped into the steel while it is at a forging heat, and will leave a negative impression in the surface. My mark reads CZYHOLD. It will be placed in a discreet part of the piece were it will not get in the way of the overall design